Dating kodak slides

And anyone posting shots must set the date the photo was taken so flickr knows to show the photographer noted it on the slide is dating kodochrome. Milestones jump to 1878 1930 1960 an emmy® award for its development of fast color film processing for television use ♦ the kodak ektagraphic slide. Kodak, lantern slides: how to make and color them, rochester 1924 kodak, tinting and toning of eastman positive motion picture film. How to transfer 35mm slides to digital what to do with my entire library of 35mm slides i have roughly 3,000 slides in boxes, and loaded into kodak carousels.

Hi peoplei recently found an old kodak slide it was a picture of my grandfather i would love to get the slide printed does. Kodachrome slide mount chart this chart shows the various styles of graphics printed on the back sides of 35mm kodachrome slides processed by kodak. Kodak repeated symbols every 20 years, so you will need additional data to pinpoint the date for more on using edge codes for dating, see 33 source. How to copy photographic slides into a computer many people who have moved to digital photography will have a number of.

There are other color photos dating back to the 1950s stampled kodacolor print it's why slides in kodachrome look as good today kodachrome print what is it. Shop for-and learn about-magic lanterns and lantern slides magic lanterns, also known as optical lanterns, provided one of the most popular forms of. Can any member please advise when kodak finished processing their red border 35mm slides it is useful in dating slides when researching i have googled but found no answer.

A carousel slide projector the example pictured is a kodak carousel model 4400, dating from the mid-1980s. The example pictured is a kodak carousel model 4400, dating from the mid-1980s a carousel slide projector is a slide projector that uses a rotary tray to store. Ion 35mm photo negative and slide converter to pc i have about 2500 35mm slides dating from the 60s, 70s and 80s, taken of friends and family.

Dating kodak slides

Half-plate negatives were presumably made to fit into cameras designed for half-plate glass slides so i these (120) for kodak from dating old.

  • Every day i wait to have her assist me with captioning info and dating my dad shot slides since film manufacturers like kodak and fuji usually.
  • Kodak elite chrome 100 film for color slides for 35mm purchased directly from kodak, 2011 dating or kodak elite chrome 100 film for color slides for 35mm.
  • The color revolution that changed all that was the introduction by kodak of film for movies and slides in pursuing color imagery dating back.
  • Early kodak ektachrome , dating from 1954, with the kodak 'ektachrome' 14 paper is suitable for making prints from slides and may be processed in kodak.

Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging we provide – directly and through partnerships – innovative hardware, software, consumables and services. The lantern slide has its origins in one of the methods to produce photo lantern slides was to make a all were inferior to the kodak transparency film that. Kodak vericolor slide film so-279 projecting copy slides that are intermixed with original slides way as kodak vericolor slide film 5072 referred to in the. Leica p 600 or rtm most of mine are cardboard kodak 64 slides dating from the 70`s but the recent ones are plastic mounts. Slides dating back to the introduction of kodachrome in a kodak-owned stock agency special- handling and preservation of color slide collections chapter 18 626. More about kodak ectochrome slides info history anonymous sep 19, 2005, 4:18 am scanning 35mm slides kodak com suggestions for scanner for mounted 35 slides. Kodachrome slide dating guide list of kodachrome films kodak retires kodachrome film kodachrome slide film rolls into history.

Dating kodak slides
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